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    We’re pleased to introduce our two new VillageΒ #interns, Prathna and Roxanne. Prathna will be working in Account Management helping with our diverse clients and drawing on her international retail experience, while Roxanne will be putting her social media knowledge to good use as Community Management support.Β 

    Welcome Prathna and Roxanne!

    We’re thrilled to announce that we are now working with Trilogy Lake Norman and Encanterra Trilogy ClubΒ as their social media partner! Based in Charlotte (NC) and Phoenix (AZ), respectively, they’re both subsidiaries of award-winning builder, Shea Homes Active Lifestyle Communities.

    Congratulations GranFondo WhistlerΒ on another spectacular event! We are delighted to have been part of such a dynamic, driven team and had a fantastic weekend working alongside everyone.Β πŸš²πŸŽ‰

    Bayshore HealthCare | The Things We Do

    Our caregivers project video with Bayshore HealthCare really pops off the page! Thanks to the magic of papermation we brought these caregivers’ stories to life.

    Happy 2nd Birthday to the best office dog in town – #monkeyyvr! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ



    Today we said a teary goodbye and good luck to our #villageintern, Sophie – for real this time. Before heading off on her next great adventure, she took the time to share her Village&Co. experience (Part 2).

    What would you tell all future interns?

    If you make a date with Nora, for the love of everything good and holy DO NOT FORGET ABOUT IT.

    What was the best advice you received while at Village&Co. to date?

    "Figure it out your damn self." - the wisest Account Manager, Janice.

    Best discovery while interning at Village&Co.?

    Phnom Penh. Hands down. #butterbeefovereverything

    Sum up each member of the team with one GIF.

    Justin:Β What is anyone ever talking about?


    Nora:Β No explanation needed. #insidejokes


    Janice:Β Janice, you were my ride or die this summer.


    Ana:Β Ana has the scoop on everything before it’s cool. #earlyadopter


    Carolina:Β Carolina isn’t always sassy, but when she is sassy, she’s Nene Leakes-type sassy.


    Monkey:Β Monkey, all I ever wanted was for us to be besties.


    Sum up your experience at Village&Co. in one GIF.Β 


    Final thoughts on your internship with Village&Co.

    A massive thanks to all of these beautiful people for giving me such an amazing opportunity to grow and learn. I had such an amazing time while I was at Village&Co., and this experience is something that I will neva eva forget. This was my first real taste of the much talked about “real world”, and I’m grateful to have had the Village&Co. crew guide me in my first post-secondary venture. I’ll miss the gifs, the teasing and the pity laughs at my jokes. But most of all, I’ll miss staring at Janice from across her desk for 8 hours of my day. I’ll catch y’all on the flip and I’ll miss y’all mucho.



    Happy Pride Week! As proud supporters of #VanPride2014, we CAN’T WAIT for this year’s festivities! Literally. 🌈 #monkeyyvr

    Earlier this week the Village&Co. crew hit the high seas and set sail for our annual #summer party!Β 

    Huge shoutout to the Aquabus Ferries and Craft Beer Market for hosting us!Β 

    For the rest of our pics, check out the hashtag #villagesummer on Instagram βš“οΈβ˜€οΈ



    As we reach another milestone, we’d like to propose a toast to our loyal followers. No, seriously. We want to put YOUR face on a piece of toast because you’re the bread to our butter.

    Head to our Facebook page to learn how you could win this awesome #Selfie Toaster!

    Introducing our newest #villageCMGR β€” Ana

    All of us here at Village&Co. would like to extend our warmest welcome to the newest face in the office, Ana (@AnaDouglas2)!

    Through her previous experience in digital strategy and PR, Ana has a wealth of knowledge that she is ready to apply with gusto to her new role with us. We’re lucky to have you!


    You can paint on canvas. You can paint on paper. You can even paint the city. It just so happens that the latter of this list is one of our favourite depictions of art and we want to share a roundup of our favourite street art Instagram accounts.

    • @streetartanarchy - With a huge following, this Instagram account features all different styles of street art from around the world.
    • @impermanent_art - What would a street art roundup be without a shout out to Los Angeles? This Instagram account captures street art that is found throughout the City of Angels.
    • @houseofmeggsΒ - Hailing from Australia, this Instagram account features the artist’s works from murals to photography.
    • @r_o_n_eΒ - Expect to see a lot of beautiful faces from this Melbourne-based artist. Mixing the real with the surreal.
    • @banksynyΒ - Although this account has been inactive since October 2013, it is a must-follow for any Banksy fan. This account is an ode to Banksy’s short stint in NYC in late 2013.
    • iheartthestreetart.comΒ - Although this is not an Instagram account, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to showcase his Vancouver-based artist, whose street art is shown above. This artists’s work is a subtle and intelligent social commentary, which we absolutely love.

    In addition to these accounts, keep an eye out in Vancouver right now, as artist Mega McGrathΒ sprinkles the city with some classic hip-hop lyrics that’ll encourage you to take a second out of your busy day and appreciate the now. After all, isn’t that what life is all about?

    Wanna win a pool? 🏊

    Dial up your Canada Day long weekend with this inflatable wonder. Just head over to our Instagram or Facebook for details!

    Winner will be chosen at random and notified early Friday morning with prize available for pickup at Village&Co. in the afternoon.

    Happy Canada Day long weekend c/o the Village people!

    Bayshore HealthCare | The Things We Do β€” Georgina

    Our latest project with Bayshore HealthCare puts the spotlight on their Home Care Services. We asked Bayshore caregivers to share their personal experiences and stories while on the job.

    The response was full of positive and thoughtful recounts of all β€œthe things they do” and what it’s like to care for their clients. We brought their caregivers’ true stories to life with papermation magic.


    Happy Father’s Day!

    What better way to celebrate dads everywhere than to rate the ones on Game Of Thrones? Exactly.

    We’ve given a handful of dads from GOT a rating out of 5 πŸ‘”. Would you agree with the following?

    1) Stannis Baratheon β€” πŸ‘”πŸ‘”πŸ‘”πŸ‘”

    We’re giving Stannis 4 because the poor guy is doing the best he can. Between having a shadow assassin for a spawn, being manipulated by the Red Witch and being cheated out of the throne, he’s still a pretty good dad to Shireen β€” minus the part of her being locked in a tower. He still makes time to visit with her and spend some quality father-daughter time. He also looks genuinely happy with Shireen, which makes for major bonus points. Happy Father’s Day, Stannis!

    2) Robert Baratheon β€” N/A

    Ok. So stuff got a little weird amongst some of the Lannister siblings, so technically, Robert isn’t really a dad. We know he has “bastard” sons and daughters… but does he know? No kids (or kids you have no idea about) means you ain’t no dad. Sorry Robert!

    3) Balon Greyjoy β€” πŸ‘”πŸ‘”πŸ‘”

    Balon Greyjoy definitely isn’t in our good books, but we do give him credit for speaking so highly of his oldest sons (rest in peace) and keeping his family name alive. It’s just a shame he’s dropped the ball with Theon.

    4) Craster β€” πŸ‘”

    Craster is by far the worst father on the show. We even feel like giving him 1 πŸ‘” is a lot. He has daughters so he can more daughters with them. Ew.

    5) Jamie Lannister β€” πŸ‘”πŸ‘”πŸ‘”

    Jamie made it pretty weird when he had kids with his sister. We know that. But, we have to admit he’s not half bad when taking care of the kids and making sure they have a good male figure in their lives. If he wasn’t their uncle as well, we might even bump it up to 4 πŸ‘”. Happy Father’s Day, Jamie!

    6) Nedd Stark β€” πŸ‘”πŸ‘”πŸ‘”πŸ‘”πŸ‘”

    It’s Nedd Stark! Of course he gets 5! #rip

    7) Tywin Lannister β€” πŸ‘”πŸ‘”πŸ‘”

    The guy is an ass. We’re pretty pissed he wants to kill Tyrion, but to the rest of the kids and grandkids, he’s actually kind of a stand up guy β€” most days. We give him 3 πŸ‘” because he knows what it means to take care of a family, keep a family name living and every so often he shares a little bit of wisdom.

    8) Walder Frey β€” πŸ‘”πŸ‘”

    He did kill the Starks, but we won’t hold it against him for this purpose. However, the guy is creepy. He has dozens of kids, maybe more. It’s just weird and we aren’t big fans of him. Sorry Frey.

    9) Roose Bolton β€” πŸ‘”πŸ‘”πŸ‘”πŸ‘”

    The guy might not be one of the good guys, but he did make a huge gesture to his bastard son, Ramsay, by changing his last name from Snow to Bolton. He might have had to prove his worth, but dad definitely rewarded him in the best way possible. Happy Father’s Day, Roose!

    Honorable Mention β€” Robb Stark

    Poor Robb! We think he would have followed in his father’s footsteps and made a great king and dad. He definitely gets an “A” for effort!

    We’re counting down the days until the much anticipated Game of Thrones’ Β Season 4 finale!

    Here’s a few things to get you in the πŸ‘‘πŸ”ͺπŸ’€ spirit and to celebrate the ending of another amazing season of one of our favourite TV series.

    June 12th - Live Q&A with John Bradley West (yes, that’s Sam from The Wall).Β 

    June 15th - For our friends on the East Coast, HBO Canada and Cineplex Entertainment are teaming up for the season finale by screening the finale at select theatres!Β 

    For those who haven’t read the books β€” what do you think will happen for the crows on The Wall, the others in King’s Landing and, of course, our favourite Mother of Dragons? Share your thoughts with us!

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