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    Celebrating the holidays involves a variety of activities - decorating your home, preparing meals, gathering with the family - but no matter what your traditions involve, storytelling is usually at the heart of it. With the holidays so deeply rooted in storytelling, we decided to share a love of this tradition with our community that continually inspires us - specifically, the KidSafe Writers’ Room and the Lakewood Neighbourhood Book Exchange.

    For the twelve days of Christmas, we’re asking our fans and followers to tell us their favourite kids’ reads on Facebook and on Twitter using the hashtag #villagereads. Each day, we’ll select the top book to stock both the Lakewood Book Exchange and the KidSafe Writers Room. Everyone enjoys a good story, so share in our new tradition and help us give back to our community this holiday season.


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      12 days of good reads.
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      we are feeling bookish this year at villageandco! read all about it here…
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      Can’t wait to hear all y’alls book submissions. This little number is iconic to my childhood. Seriously seared into my...
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