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    #villagereads in East Van

    Wrapping up our #villagereads, we spread some holiday cheer around our neighbourhood. Our friends from the KidSafe Writers’ Room loved the idea of #villagereads and invited us to visit their program at Grandview Elementary, just a few blocks down the street. The kids and volunteers were thrilled with their new books thanks to the great suggestions from our #villagereads hashtag. Dropping off our first batch of books and the reactions from the kids definitely put us in the Christmas spirit. 

    After visiting the school, we completed our #villagereads project by heading over to the Lakewood Neighbourhood Book Exchange, stocking the shelves with new #villagereads as a holiday surprise for our community. 

    Thank you to our friends, fans and followers for the fantastic #villagereads suggestions over Twitter and Facebook.

    It’s a been an exciting year in the Village, and this was a fantastic note to end on. Happy holidays - we’ll catch you in the new year!


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