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    What’s on our iPhones? — First Edition

    We are constantly researching and test-driving the latest apps, whether they are über-social, adventure-mapping or even where we can place our next bet. Listed below are each of our current favourites around the Village&Co. office. What are your favourites?

    JustinParks Canada Learn to Camp

    Whether you’re a novice or seasoned camper, this app is as useful as your trusty Swiss Army Knife. From where to camp to checklists and recipes, this app has it all. 


    I can’t dance, but I love this app because I can keep in touch with friends overseas for free… and play tic-tac-toe or other random games with them while we chat. 


    It’s a fun new app that lets you create bets between friends. I love that you can share it across your social platforms and hold your friends to “pay up” when they lose.


    I love me some stickers. Bam!


    Buycott is a great app that really helps consumers make conscious buying decisions, while showing them ways to support the causes they support.


    As an avid reader, this app never disappoints to set me up with the best books to dive into.  

    Get Social With GetGlue

    Television has always been social. Whether it’s getting together for the Super Bowl or a friend who considers The Oscars an unofficial holiday, we’ve all been to a party that’s centred on a television broadcast. So why is the term “social television” buzzing right now? Well, it’s thanks to a little app called GetGlue.

    Launched in 2008, GetGlue has had a slow build in terms of users and popularity - but so did Pinterest and we all know how that turned out. In fact, for the 2012 Oscars broadcast, there were over 30,000 GetGlue check-ins by a rapidly growing community. Admittedly, user growth has been most prevalent in the US and UK but, to boost the numbers at home, Shaw has recently announced an exclusive partnership with the app.

    As with Pinterest, this sudden fascination for GetGlue has people asking “why now”? There are any number of factors, but when you consider how many people use smartphones, the sense of competition and reward with GetGlue stickers, the ability to check-in live or with a recorded program, and the inherently social aspect of television, we’re surprised it’s taken this long for it to become popular. 

    And you better believe we’ll be checking into the Mad Men premiere on March 25.

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