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    The Village (T-Shirt) People

    Since printing our second edition t-shirts with welcome to eastvan, the feedback online has bowled us over. From tweets, to Facebook posts, to even a few emails, we now have Village ambassadors across North America. These social fashion statements have been popping up from coast to coast at home, and with our neighbours to the south. If you want to get in on the action, visit our friends at Sharks+Hammers - they’ll hook you up; though sometimes a well placed tweet works just as well.

    And if you spot someone wearing our t-shirt on the street, say hello - you’ll be in good company.

    Eastvan Details

    If you’re local, you already know that Gastown is a pretty hip area of town. Only in the last few years has the public profile of this neighbourhood changed from a less than desirable pocket of brick buildings and tourist attractions, to a chic, attractive retail district populated with Vancouver’s coolest shops and some of the city’s best restaurants and pubs. Our love for Gastown runs deep, so you can imagine how proud we were to see it featured in the latest issue of Details magazine. It was especially nice to see our friends at Sharks + Hammers profiled front and centre.

    We’ve spent a lot of time at Sharks + Hammers since we first collaborated on our custom Village&Co. t-shirt. When it comes to supporting and working with local businesses in our community, like Sharks + Hammers and Welcome to Eastvan, we’ve always felt it was an important part of who we are. Pick up Details and check out the article… you’ll understand what we mean.

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