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    We’re wishing all of the Canadian Olympians over in Sochi, good luck! Stay in the know over the next couple weeks using one (or all) of these apps!

    Sochi 2014 Guide
    Meet your personal Sochi tour guide! This app is designed to not just keep you in the know about your favourite country, but also to provide a more interactive experience for each user. The app also lets you share results to your social feeds, including Facebook, Twitter and VKontakte.

    Sochi 2014 Results
    This app is designed specifically to keep you up to date on for stats, competition results, medal counts and athlete profiles. It also allows users to create their own coverage schedules.

    CBC Olympics
    This will be our go-to app over the following weeks. It provides everything you need to know about Canada’s participation in the Olympics from media coverage, athlete profiles, medal counts and stats. Not to mention, the events will be streamed live and is available on iPhones and iPads.

    Here’s 15 Olympian athletes you’ll want to follow on Instagram.

    Check out some of the Canadians participating overseas with one of our favourite Canadians.

    Did you know there are 30 British Columbians competing this year?

    Which athletes will you be cheering on at #Sochi2014?

    New season, new apps

    With fall closing in on us, it’s time to get things in order. Whether you are heading back school or just looking to reorganize and plan for the new season, we’ve found a handful of apps you’ll want on your smartphone. 


    Things is the ultimate “To-Do” app. It will keep you on track from your day-to-day tasks to your long-term plans. It also has an iCloud syncing option that makes it easier to ensure you meet all your deadlines.


    Although Flipboard has been around for awhile now, it’s the perfect app to have all your social news in one place.


    For all those who are living in Toronto, don’t forget to download the official TIFF app. TIFF starts September 5 and this app will guide you through all the showings around town.


    Relocating this fall? AroundMe will help you get to know your new neighbourhood and find everything you need from pubs to supermarkets to movie theatres to bookstores all close by.

    VSCO Cam

    Currently the most chatted about app in the office, VSCO Cam is the ultimate photo editing app. If you find your photos need a little boost, but don’t want to use filter heavy apps, VSCO Cam is the perfect solution.


    Skitch lets users communicate feedback in a more interactive way. Use Skitch to mark up a PDF, draw something extra or annotate images with arrows, stamps, text and more. 

    What’s on our iPhones? — First Edition

    We are constantly researching and test-driving the latest apps, whether they are über-social, adventure-mapping or even where we can place our next bet. Listed below are each of our current favourites around the Village&Co. office. What are your favourites?

    JustinParks Canada Learn to Camp

    Whether you’re a novice or seasoned camper, this app is as useful as your trusty Swiss Army Knife. From where to camp to checklists and recipes, this app has it all. 


    I can’t dance, but I love this app because I can keep in touch with friends overseas for free… and play tic-tac-toe or other random games with them while we chat. 


    It’s a fun new app that lets you create bets between friends. I love that you can share it across your social platforms and hold your friends to “pay up” when they lose.


    I love me some stickers. Bam!


    Buycott is a great app that really helps consumers make conscious buying decisions, while showing them ways to support the causes they support.


    As an avid reader, this app never disappoints to set me up with the best books to dive into.  

    Village&Co. & Pinterest

    It’s been called the fastest growing site on the web, and while another network actually holds that distinction, you can’t deny the massive growth and interest Pinterest has achieved in such a short time. It’s hard to argue with over 4 million users within a year of operation and 11.7 million unique monthly visitors.

    So what does Pinterest have that other networks don’t? Well for starters, it’s easy. Crazy easy. The "Pin It" bookmarklet captures images from nearly any online resource, users can upload content from their desktops, and their app allows for mobile photo uploads. Couple that with highly visual and engaging content, and it’s hard to resist the charms of this digital, social scrapbook. We’re always excited by the possibilities that come with a new social network and have been inspired by the creative uses people and brands have found for their pinboards so far. 

    The only drawback for this open network (at this moment) is the need for an invite to join the pinning party; don’t worry, they’re not too hard to come by. Whether you’re just getting started, or are a Pinterest Pro, follow our boards - we’d love to connect and share with you. 

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