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    Village&Co. | #Stampede100 from Village&Co. on Vimeo.


    Every year, the Calgary Stampede consistently delivers world class entertainment that delights Albertans and visitors from around the world. For their 100th anniversary, the Calgary Stampede pulled out all the stops to celebrate in style. We had a fantastic time visiting and could hardly pin fast enough to capture all the action. Looking through our Instagram photos, we realized an Instaslideshow would be a perfect way to share our experience.

    A spectacle like this proves why they’re known as the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

    How Canadian Are You, Eh?

    The Canada Day weekend is ahead of us, but before you bust out the 2-4, why not take a minute to test your national knowledge? Anthony recently discovered How Canadian Are You, Eh?, an official iPhone app with a fun, easy quiz from the Department of Citizenship and Immigration. They’ve also created an Android and Blackberry version, as well as posting the quiz online and on Facebook, so just about anyone can put their Canadian history skills to the test.

    This app is harder than it looks – don’t be surprised if you’re stumped by some of the questions. Once you’re finished, share your score on Facebook and Twitter… even if your score doesn’t accurately reflect your true patriot love. 

    Happy Canada Day!

    Image credit: Tyler Galpin (nice work!)

    YAHOO Your Way To The Calgary Stampede With Travel Alberta

    How can you sum up the Calgary Stampede in one word? We can’t think of one more fitting than YAHOO! For the past 100 years, Alberta has been home to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, attracting thousands of people every year to the great city of Calgary. Fantastic music, deliciously unique food, and of course the rodeo, transform the Stampede Grounds into an international destination that we look forward to every year; one so exciting not even William & Kate could stay away.

    With its centennial birthday this July, we worked with Travel Alberta to create a special tribute to this classic festival - and to reward one lucky Travel Alberta Facebook fan. By capturing and uploading your best YAHOO!, you can win an exclusive trip for two to the festival! The winner will be announced on May 7 so get ready and start shoutin’!

    Village&Co. x Tourism Calgary x Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

    When the classical music festival, “Virtuosity” swept through Calgary last month, we were inspired by the world class performances hosted. As great admirers of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, it wasn’t a matter of “could” we contribute, but “how”. Since winter has arrived in Calgary, a warm-up just seemed like the perfect fit. Though some of us have musical backgrounds, we know our strengths lie elsewhere.

    Lately, we’re seeing tweets offline more and more. They’re on tank tops, being knitted into scarves, even Instagram photos are hopping on board. But even with all of these interpretations, we think there’s nothing quite like hearing tweets set to music.

    By using the hashtag #cpowarmup, we helped our friends at Tourism Calgary reach out to their Twitter followers and ask how they stay warm in Calgary’s notoriously frigid winters. Over a week, we collected some pretty interesting tips and gave them to the CPO Chorusmaster for scoring. Set to the unforgettable "O Fortuna", this project took a few simple tweets and turned them into an epic sing-a-long.

    With the help of CNN, our “Singing Tweets” were broadcast to homes across the United States when it was presented by Jeanne Moos on The Situation Room. Since launching it’s also been featured on DevourGizmodoNeatoramaCollege HumourGlobal TVCalgary Metro and Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet

    Now we just need to figure out how to set Reblogs to "The Ride of the Valkyries".

    A Social Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is known as one of our most treasured holidays. Families gather together for meals, parades, parties, and much like the name suggests, to give thanks. How very social. With that said, here are some tips on how to make your Thanksgiving an even more social one:


    Well, if you’re going to celebrate the holiday, you might as well like it and share with all of your friends. Can you believe it only has 7,378 fans? 


    You’re reading our post about Thanksgiving on Tumblr so we’ll let this one slide. However, you could reblog something from the “Thanksgiving” tag to get your Tumblr in the holiday spirit. 


    Never cooked a turkey before? No problem! This is why we have YouTube - it’s full of tutorials. Some are useful, some are awful… we take no responsibility for what’s out there.


    You’ll find other instructional videos here, like YouTube, but Vimeo’s community is a little more creative in their presentation.


    Search the #thanksgiving hashtag and prepare to get hungry. Food just looks better in a retro filter.


    This is an easy one - live tweet your dinner! Use the hashtag #thanksgiving and populate your feed with musings on yams, Stove Top and that cranberry sauce with the tin-can lines.


    Actually, Foursquare is a great app to use if you’re not having a big, traditional Thanksgiving meal. You can use it to search which restaurants nearby may have a Holiday Special and check-in to, in a sense, “join” other Foursquare users that day. Of course, at home you can just check-in to the kitchen, the dinner table or the couch just before you slip into your tryptophan nap.

    That should get you well on your way to having a great Thanksgiving, 2.0 style. Enjoy!

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