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    Visiting the World’s Remote Locations with @JoshuaCogan

    When Joshua Cogan (@JoshuaCogan) completed his graduate work in anthropology, he knew academia was not the place for him. Instead, he picked up his camera and set out “to document vanishing cultures and enrich our understanding of social issues through photography and new media.”

    Joshua’s work as a photographer has taken him to some of the most remote parts of the world. Fortunately for everyone else, he shares his travels through Instagram.

    "I really appreciate having an open platform to share ideas and to start conversations from," says Joshua. "Whenever I go to a new place, I try to think about a mini-narrative that I can take my Instagram followers on, something that helps them be part of the story that is actually happening at that moment, not one that has been overly refined or smoothed out."

    As a professional photographer, the immediacy of Instagram is both a challenge and an opportunity. “There are some limitations to what shows well on Instagram, so thinking about framing and composition are key when using it to tell stories,” Joshua says. “I really enjoy pushing the constraints to challenge myself into making better and better images.” At the same time, he says, “I can spend days and weeks after a project picking just the right image, and polishing a story, but I think there is nothing that replaces being there, and Instagram gives me the chance to share that feeling.”

    Currently, Joshua’s documenting life in Ketchikan, a small town in southeast Alaska, on which he comments, “While I’ve traveled to many places around the world, Ketchikan continues to offer lessons about the interaction between culture and environment.”

    Alaska isn’t all Joshua has in store: “The fall is shaping up to have some good adventures right now. I am preparing for some trips to visit traditional artists in Kenya, a journey in November to China and I’ll sprinkle in a few road trips throughout the US as well.”

    To tag along on Joshua’s adventures, follow @JoshuaCogan on Instagram.

    Stay In Medicine Hat | #thishappenshere Pop-Up Instagallery

    On May 3, the Medicine Hat Arts Community hosted their popular Art Walk, where we created our own addition for Stay In Medicine Hat — a curated pop-up Instagallery.

    We asked Instagrammers to tag their best #medhat photos using #thishappenshere for a chance to be featured. A selection of winning Instagram photos were printed and mounted on canvases and the pop-up Instagallery came to life for one night only. The winners were invited to attend with family and friends, and as their prize, they got to take their artwork home with them. 


    Hipstamatic Disposable from Synthetic on Vimeo.


    When it comes to iPhone photo apps, the two biggest players are without a doubt Instagram and Hipstamatic. After launching in 2009, Hipstamatic brought retro, analog photography back with multiple lenses and social connectivity. The only drawback was having to pay for each lens - and that’s where Instagram entered. Free, fast and fun, Instagram built a social network within the app, and has since dominated the market.

    But the team at Hipstamatic have released a new app to keep their offering fresh. The Hipstamatic-D series (D for Disposable) is a truly social camera. Sharing a roll of 24 photos, you and your friends can capture different shots of the same party, road trip, concert - any social event you can think of. And, like an old school camera, you won’t see the photos until it’s finished. While we’re dedicated fans of Instagram, we have to admit this take on social photography is quite unique.

    So, the question now is: who will you share your photos with?

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