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    Just your typical Friday night in downtown Calgary with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Chorus… 

    Tourism Calgary x #StyleYYC = Tweet Dress

    You may recall the excitement surrounding our collaboration with our friends at Tourism Calgary to create the first-ever “Tweet Dress" in late 2012. This unique initiative allowed us to get creative and highlight Calgary’s world-class style and engaging fashion community. 

    Leveraging Tourism Calgary's active Twitter community, we asked, “What's in style in Calgary?” The question ignited Calgarians' enthusiasm and the conversations poured in using the hashtag #StyleYYC.

    By reaching out to Calgary’s tourism, fashion and shopping enthusiasts online, we were able to fuel the creation of a truly unique social object. It is our pleasure to share this innovative, couture dress that embodies Calgarian style with those who could not be at the unveiling in person.

    Ladies and gents, the first-ever couture Tweet Dress.

    Tourism Calgary x Paul Hardy Tweet Dress

    It’s no secret that Calgary is a city on the rise and working with Tourism Calgary has been an exciting venture for us as it provides endless opportunity to mirror our strengths and get creative

    To celebrate this stylish city, we partnered Tourism Calgary and Paul Hardy together to launch this unprecedented initiative. The Tweet Dress is a one-of-a-kind design composed of tweets sent to Calgary’s Twitter answering the question, “What’s in style in Calgary?” using the hashtag #StyleYYC. This project was launched during Hardy’s milestone event on October 20, which was attended by some of the top names in the Canadian Fashion Industry. 

    As the operators of Calgary’s social media platforms, we will be engaging users by sending out different questions via Twitter highlighting unique aspects of what is in style in Calgary, from architecture and food, to the Mayor and their sports teams. Nothing is off limits when style is this abundant in a thriving city. Throughout it all, we will be sharing updates from Paul himself as he shows us everything that goes into creating this one of a kind piece. 

    Paul will be unveiling the Tweet Dress at Calgary’s biggest private shopping event, ‘Twas the Night at The Core on November 28 and we can’t wait to see the finished product! For a chance to have your tweet featured on the Tweet Dress, join us on Twitter and tell us what you think is in style in Calgary using #StyleYYC. 

    Village&Co. x Tourism Calgary x Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

    When the classical music festival, “Virtuosity” swept through Calgary last month, we were inspired by the world class performances hosted. As great admirers of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, it wasn’t a matter of “could” we contribute, but “how”. Since winter has arrived in Calgary, a warm-up just seemed like the perfect fit. Though some of us have musical backgrounds, we know our strengths lie elsewhere.

    Lately, we’re seeing tweets offline more and more. They’re on tank tops, being knitted into scarves, even Instagram photos are hopping on board. But even with all of these interpretations, we think there’s nothing quite like hearing tweets set to music.

    By using the hashtag #cpowarmup, we helped our friends at Tourism Calgary reach out to their Twitter followers and ask how they stay warm in Calgary’s notoriously frigid winters. Over a week, we collected some pretty interesting tips and gave them to the CPO Chorusmaster for scoring. Set to the unforgettable "O Fortuna", this project took a few simple tweets and turned them into an epic sing-a-long.

    With the help of CNN, our “Singing Tweets” were broadcast to homes across the United States when it was presented by Jeanne Moos on The Situation Room. Since launching it’s also been featured on DevourGizmodoNeatoramaCollege HumourGlobal TVCalgary Metro and Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet

    Now we just need to figure out how to set Reblogs to "The Ride of the Valkyries".

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