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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    We’re wishing all of our American friends, families, fans and followers a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    A Social Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is known as one of our most treasured holidays. Families gather together for meals, parades, parties, and much like the name suggests, to give thanks. How very social. With that said, here are some tips on how to make your Thanksgiving an even more social one:


    Well, if you’re going to celebrate the holiday, you might as well like it and share with all of your friends. Can you believe it only has 7,378 fans? 


    You’re reading our post about Thanksgiving on Tumblr so we’ll let this one slide. However, you could reblog something from the “Thanksgiving” tag to get your Tumblr in the holiday spirit. 


    Never cooked a turkey before? No problem! This is why we have YouTube - it’s full of tutorials. Some are useful, some are awful… we take no responsibility for what’s out there.


    You’ll find other instructional videos here, like YouTube, but Vimeo’s community is a little more creative in their presentation.


    Search the #thanksgiving hashtag and prepare to get hungry. Food just looks better in a retro filter.


    This is an easy one - live tweet your dinner! Use the hashtag #thanksgiving and populate your feed with musings on yams, Stove Top and that cranberry sauce with the tin-can lines.


    Actually, Foursquare is a great app to use if you’re not having a big, traditional Thanksgiving meal. You can use it to search which restaurants nearby may have a Holiday Special and check-in to, in a sense, “join” other Foursquare users that day. Of course, at home you can just check-in to the kitchen, the dinner table or the couch just before you slip into your tryptophan nap.

    That should get you well on your way to having a great Thanksgiving, 2.0 style. Enjoy!

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