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    Happy Pride Week! As proud supporters of #VanPride2014, we CAN’T WAIT for this year’s festivities! Literally. 🌈 #monkeyyvr



    As we reach another milestone, we’d like to propose a toast to our loyal followers. No, seriously. We want to put YOUR face on a piece of toast because you’re the bread to our butter.

    Head to our Facebook page to learn how you could win this awesome #Selfie Toaster!


    You can paint on canvas. You can paint on paper. You can even paint the city. It just so happens that the latter of this list is one of our favourite depictions of art and we want to share a roundup of our favourite street art Instagram accounts.

    • @streetartanarchy - With a huge following, this Instagram account features all different styles of street art from around the world.
    • @impermanent_art - What would a street art roundup be without a shout out to Los Angeles? This Instagram account captures street art that is found throughout the City of Angels.
    • @houseofmeggs - Hailing from Australia, this Instagram account features the artist’s works from murals to photography.
    • @r_o_n_e - Expect to see a lot of beautiful faces from this Melbourne-based artist. Mixing the real with the surreal.
    • @banksyny - Although this account has been inactive since October 2013, it is a must-follow for any Banksy fan. This account is an ode to Banksy’s short stint in NYC in late 2013.
    • - Although this is not an Instagram account, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to showcase his Vancouver-based artist, whose street art is shown above. This artists’s work is a subtle and intelligent social commentary, which we absolutely love.

    In addition to these accounts, keep an eye out in Vancouver right now, as artist Mega McGrath sprinkles the city with some classic hip-hop lyrics that’ll encourage you to take a second out of your busy day and appreciate the now. After all, isn’t that what life is all about?

    Wanna win a pool? 🏊

    Dial up your Canada Day long weekend with this inflatable wonder. Just head over to our Instagram or Facebook for details!

    Winner will be chosen at random and notified early Friday morning with prize available for pickup at Village&Co. in the afternoon.

    Happy Canada Day long weekend c/o the Village people!

    New tools! Now everyone can be a pro when it comes to getting JUST the right lighting, filters, contrast, etc.

    And did you notice? That’s our pretty city!


    Today, we’re delighted to bring you a set of new creative tools on Instagram with the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth and more.

    Inspiring creativity is incredibly important to us—and as the Instagram community grows, we’ve been excited to hear requests for more ways to…

    Happy May Long Weekend!

    With an extra day this weekend there’s a lot to do and explore in Vancouver! Here’s a list of things to check out:

    Vancity Buzz shares some of the best (and hidden) patios in the city.

    Richmond Night Market is open until 11PM tonight.

    Monty Python’s Spamalot is playing at the Arts Club Theatre.

    Yee haw! It’s the last day of the annual Cloverdale Rodeo!

    Photo from Winson Tang on Miss 604

    #chinatownyvr Foursquare List

    We love our neighbours and our neighbourhood. We’ve put together a new Foursquare list highlighting a few of our favourite spaces and places around Chinatown. Heading over this way? Remember to tag your Instagram photos with #chinatownyvr!

    If you think we forgot someone or if there’s a place we should checkout, just let us know in the comments below!

    A Goodbye Note From Cristi

    Last week we had to say goodbye to our Intern, Cristi Porta. Before she left, she shared her Village&Co. intern experience.

    What would you tell all future interns?

    I would say expect the unexpected; the wonderful thing about working in this agency is that everyday is different, this group works hard but also has a lot of fun in the process. Oh, and be ready to hit the ground running (no slow-pokes work here, everyone hustles).

    What was the best advice you received while at Village&Co.?

    Be yourself.

    Thoughts on Social Media before and after:

    - Before: “Social Media is FUN!”
    - After: “Social media has so many levels, and each is extremely important. Creating a copy for a client has a lot of effort and creativity behind it (that’s why Village&Co are the experts).”

    Funniest/Best one liner was__________:

    "I’m trying to run a business here."

    Sum up each member of the team with one GIF

    Justin: When you ask Justin a question.

    Nora: “I’m trying to run a business here.”          

    Kiran: The one with all the answers.     

    Cassandra: When Cass receives a DM from Mr. Stroumboulopoulos.

    Megan: After I think I create the perfect post and Megan has a peek over it.

    Monkey: If you’re eating it, she wants it.

    Sum up your experience at Village&Co. in one GIF.

    Final Words from Cristi

    I want to thank Village&Co. for choosing me as your intern this term; not only did I learn more about the industry, but I really discovered a lot about myself. This awesome group of individuals are defiantly a power-house in social media. Social media marketing is a 24-7 job and I realized that after taking on this internship. From 11pm GroupMe chats on ideas for a client, to the early Sunday morning GIF email chains, Village&Co. is on it (for real, this team never stops)!

    I came into this internship believing I would want to focus on the accounts side of the industry, so the team made sure I was able to get my feet wet and experience what an accounts manager does. Halfway through my internship they allowed me to dabble in the more creative side of the agency which I came to realize I really enjoyed… something I would have never figured out if not for this amazing opportunity!

    If you are interested in social media marketing and want to get a feel for an marketing office environment with the day-to-day workings, I highly recommend you apply for the next round of interning here at Village&Co. I promise you will not be disappointed!


    A Goodbye Note from Rameez

    Curious about what it’s like working at Village&Co.? Well, here’s a peek from Ram’s first hand experience these past few months. 

    What would you tell all future interns?

    Go above and beyond. Even on the smallest tasks, challenge yourself to exceed your own expectations. A lot of interns complain about having no work. Do things that will add value to the company.

    What was the best advice you received while at Village&Co.?

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re confused. There is nothing worse than spending half your day trying to figure it out. 

    Thoughts on Social Media before and after:

    - Before: “Writing posts and tweets is the EASIEST thing ever!”
    - After: “There is so much that goes on when writing copy.”

    Funniest/best one liner was____________.

    "I’d rather gargle glass #IRGG". 

    Sum up each member of the team with one GIF

    Justin: Trend-setting King of pop-culture.

    Nora: I have no idea if she is ever kidding.

    Kiran: She is always on top of everything. Literally. 

    Cassandra: When Cass catches a mistake I made.

    Megan: When Megan is silently observing the platforms I manage.

    Monkey: The cutest, most spoiled dog ever. 

    Sum up your experience at Village&Co. in one GIF.

    Final Words from Ram

    I was greeted by a wonderful company. Emojis and hashtags were a regular occurrence, and all of them included various laughs. I had lessons in memes and found out GroupMe is one of the greatest inventions on a smartphone.

    I enjoyed the office I worked in, as well as the people inside, but I also learned an incredible amount. Experience with copywriting, platform optimization, pitching, research, social media, status meetings and the occasional lunch order can now all go on my resume.

    Since working here I’ve laughed, been stressed out, made mistakes, and made a few accomplishments (I’ve also been waxed for a client’s benefit, but that’s another story!). 

    The greatest part of working at Village&Co. is that I actually know what I want to do when I grow up and get a “big boy job”.

    So now when people say: “What do you want to do when you’re done at UBC?”

    Instead of rambling and saying I’ll probably work in an agency but I’m not really sure, I can say: “I want to be an account manager.”

    I’m pretty lucky I had this opportunity at Village&Co. to show me that, and even luckier that it only took a few months. So I say “I would rather gargle glass” than leave this wonderful office.

    A million thanks and I’ll see you real soon!



    As proud supporters of Vancouver Pride, we are looking forward to all the festivities that this year’s Pride will bring to the city — including the brand new sidewalk on Davie and Bute. ‪#‎monkeyyvr‬


    We’d like to introduce you to our neighbourhood. We’re located at the corner of Facebook & Twitter, just down the street from Instagram & Tumblr. Come visit!

    2012 has truly been one extraordinary year. Happy New Year to our friends and families, clients and colleagues of the past, present and future. We can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!

    Office Snapshots

    We’re pleased as punch to have our space featured on Office Snapshots. It’s humbling to be included on a list with such beauties from Adobe to Zynga. Since moving into our Strathcona space in February, we’ve really felt at home in our new, eclectic neighbourhood. When designing our office, we took our inspiration from the stunning, elemental surroundings of Vancouver, but couldn’t have predicted the interest our chopped wood wall would create with our daily visitors. But when you’re a storefront in the Village, that’s part of the fun. Next time you’re in the area, pop by and say hello!

    Beaches To Tide You Over

    Beach culture is simply part of our daily lives in Vancouver - the Instagram tag #igersvancouver being great evidence of that. For this (last official summer) long weekend, we’ve put together a handy Foursquare list with local beaches and a few outdoor pools you can hit up. So get out there and Instagram your feet in the sand (because you know you will) - and when you tag your photos include #vancouverbeach to share with the community!

    Magscene on Main

    Businesses and cultural spaces along Main Street will come alive this weekend thanks to Magscene on Main. Beginning yesterday, local Vancouver arts and literary magazines are hosting three days of interactive events for people to drop in, meet the team behind the publication and learn more about Vancouver’s vibrant magscene.

    Today, we’re very excited to be sharing our space with COLOR magazine. Delving into the unique culture of skateboarding, this magazine is filled stunning photos, artwork and fantastic articles. If you’re interested in checking out this event, drop by Village&Co. at 231 Union Street tonight at 6:30. The guys from COLOR have named the event ‘Partying Matters’ – it’s tough to resist.

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