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    5 Terrifying Viral Videos That Could Have Been Made For Halloween

    "Happy Halloween! To make sure your day starts off spook-tacularly, we’ve got five of our favourite videos to get you in the spirit!

    #5 — It’s all about the survival of the fittest.

    #4 — Would you like fries with that?

    #3 — Honey, what’s wrong with the TV?

    #2 — Hold the elevator please!

    #1 — If nothing else has scared you yet, this is a treat and will do the trick of giving you nightmares.

    And one more — just because we still can’t get over it.

    Stop it! Stop it now!

    The Last of Breaking Bad

    This Sunday marks the series finale of Breaking Bad and we are a little broken up about it (here’s hoping to a better finale than Dexter’s Bay Harbor Botcher). After 5 seasons of non-stop drama with Walt and Jesse, they are wrapping it up — forever. Last week’s episode left viewers wondering what on earth could happen next (there’s definitely some major analysis going on, but we recommend only looking at the analysis if you haven’t seen last week’s episode). In Entertainment Weekly’s in-depth writeup about the series, Cranston says “What can I say? It gets badder before it gets baaaaad.” But we’re wondering, could it really get any worse? 

    We loved reading through the September 13 issue of EW and highly recommend to all fans to download it. It’s perfect for reminiscing and refreshing on the series that everyone is going to miss so much.

    Here are some of our favourite Break Bad GIFs to help with the mourning that will start to set in Monday morning.

    When their fates collided

    When Walter White was still just that science guy

    One of many of Mr. White’s meltdowns

    When that really gross thing happened

    When we were formally introduced to Heisenberg

    There was this video

    Another meltdown

    We wondered if maybe there was a beautiful friendship in the near future

    Turns out there wasn’t

    This foreshadowing moment

    Mike as a family guy

    Oh haaaiii

    You tell ‘em Heisenberg

    This other foreshadowing moment

    Meltdown, but also how we feel about there being only one episode left


    Breaking Bad on the cover of this week’s EW!

    There’s a New Face Around the Office!

    We’re looking forward to having Cristi as our Village Intern this fall — you might know her as the knitter-extrordinaire, TippyKnits. Remember to check her out on Twitter and Instagram!

    It’s Here!

    After months of rumors and speculation, Apple has finally released everything we need to know about their next iPhones (and yes, that’s plural).

    Here are a few things we were excited to hear from this morning’s event.

    iOS7 — available for free download September 18

    "Downloading iOS7 is like getting an all new device."

    Airdrop — A secure way to share your photos, messages and more with people close by.

    Camera app — You can now organize your photos by “Moments.” Sharing is also easier including via Airdrop.

    iTunes Radio — “It’s the best way to experience new music.” You can also create your own stations.

    App Store — Tons of new helpful apps coming to the store with better design.

    Safari — New tab view that gives users an overview of all tabs being used.

    Siri — We knew about this one a few months ago, but it was re-announced  that Siri will be able to search Twitter and Wikipedia for information.

    iPhone 5C — Available for pre-order September 13

    This will be one of two devices completely replacing the iPhone 5.

    The device will be made with a hard-coated polycarbonate, 4-inch Retina display, higher capacity battery compared to the iPhone 5 and will also have the 8MP iSight camera. These things, of course, are just a few of the highlights that come with the new colourful phone. Learn more about the iPhone 5C in Apple’s video.

    iPhone 5S — Available in-store September 20

    It comes in three colours — Silver, Gold and Space Grey.

    A7 chip — It’s been upgraded from a 32-bit to a 64-bit. It’s the world’s first and only smartphone to have something this advance. But what is it? It’s magic. It basically gives your iPhone the ultimate graphic boost (graphics are said to be on par with Xbox 360 and PS3).

    Camera — The updated iSight is going to change how we take photos everyday. Using the A7 chip, this new camera app will blow you away with the following: auto white balance, auto exposure, dynamic local tone map and it will take multiple photos to choose from, automatically picking the right (and perfect) one for you.

    True Tone Flash — From the outside sky to a candle flame, the new flash will analyze the scene in realtime and will present a flash from over 1000 colour variations for the right environment for the photo. This is the first ever in smartphones and cameras.

    Touch ID — No more passwords needed to unlock your phone, purchase new apps, download music and more. Your new password is right at your finger tips. Also note that the fingerprints stored will not be stored on iCloud. Check out Apple’s video explaining this new technology in detail.

    Want to know more about all the rad new iPhone 5S features? Check out Apple’s site.

    They covered a ton of stuff this morning. We’ve selected some of our favourite new features, but you can watch the entire presentation by Apple, here

    Which feature are you most looking forward to?

    Coming Soon to a TV Near You

    Fall is definitely not just about going back to school. While the summer was great with the fabulous weather here in Vancouver, autumn also marks the time where all the good TV shows we’ve missed finally return to our TV sets (or computer screens). We’ve included below a few shows that have made a splash and a lot of chat including their air dates, hashtags and GetGlue page (remember to collect your stickers!).

    How I Met Your Mother

    This one is a doozy! After 8 hilarious seasons, the series is coming to an end and everyone is calling it “The Mother of all Goodbyes!” Need to brush up on your HIMYM details? Check out their Wiki Page.

    Air Date: Monday, September 23

    Hashtag: #HIMYM

    GetGlue: Get your stickers!

    Grey’s Anatomy

    10 seasons and (maybe) counting. This season is a big one because the beloved Sandra Oh will not be returning for another round playing the sarcastic Christina Yang. But the big question is, do you think Grey’s should wrap up the series this season or continue without the original cast?

    Air Date: Thursday, September 26

    Hashtag: #GreysAnatomy

    GetGlue: Get your stickers!

    The Walking Dead

    Because who doesn’t love a good zombie TV show?! Season 4 has been renewed and confirmed, but will also be broken up into two parts — the first this October and the second in February. Check out what’s in store with their action packed trailer!

    Air Date: Sunday, October 13

    Hashtag: #TheWalkingDead

    GetGlue: Get your stickers!

    New Girl

    This is the 3rd season for the series and it kicks off right away with troubles in paradise. If you like spoilers, this link will share a few inside photos on what the cast and crew have been working on. 

    Air Date: Tuesday, September 17

    Hashtag: #newgirl 

    GetGlue: Get your stickers!

    Mark your calendars!

    Pretty Little Liars (October 22) / The Real Husbands of Hollywood - ft. Robin Thicke (January 15) / Walking Dead Season 3 Part 2 (February 17) / Game of Thrones (March 31) / Breaking Bad Season 5 Part 2 (July 15) / Arrested Development (Spring 2014) / Orange Is The New Black (2014)

    If you’re wondering about what other shows may or may not be returning in the coming months, check out this list! What TV show are you most anticipating?

    A Goodbye Note from Rameez

    Curious about what it’s like working at Village&Co.? Well, here’s a peek from Ram’s first hand experience these past few months. 

    What would you tell all future interns?

    Go above and beyond. Even on the smallest tasks, challenge yourself to exceed your own expectations. A lot of interns complain about having no work. Do things that will add value to the company.

    What was the best advice you received while at Village&Co.?

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re confused. There is nothing worse than spending half your day trying to figure it out. 

    Thoughts on Social Media before and after:

    - Before: “Writing posts and tweets is the EASIEST thing ever!”
    - After: “There is so much that goes on when writing copy.”

    Funniest/best one liner was____________.

    "I’d rather gargle glass #IRGG". 

    Sum up each member of the team with one GIF

    Justin: Trend-setting King of pop-culture.

    Nora: I have no idea if she is ever kidding.

    Kiran: She is always on top of everything. Literally. 

    Cassandra: When Cass catches a mistake I made.

    Megan: When Megan is silently observing the platforms I manage.

    Monkey: The cutest, most spoiled dog ever. 

    Sum up your experience at Village&Co. in one GIF.

    Final Words from Ram

    I was greeted by a wonderful company. Emojis and hashtags were a regular occurrence, and all of them included various laughs. I had lessons in memes and found out GroupMe is one of the greatest inventions on a smartphone.

    I enjoyed the office I worked in, as well as the people inside, but I also learned an incredible amount. Experience with copywriting, platform optimization, pitching, research, social media, status meetings and the occasional lunch order can now all go on my resume.

    Since working here I’ve laughed, been stressed out, made mistakes, and made a few accomplishments (I’ve also been waxed for a client’s benefit, but that’s another story!). 

    The greatest part of working at Village&Co. is that I actually know what I want to do when I grow up and get a “big boy job”.

    So now when people say: “What do you want to do when you’re done at UBC?”

    Instead of rambling and saying I’ll probably work in an agency but I’m not really sure, I can say: “I want to be an account manager.”

    I’m pretty lucky I had this opportunity at Village&Co. to show me that, and even luckier that it only took a few months. So I say “I would rather gargle glass” than leave this wonderful office.

    A million thanks and I’ll see you real soon!


    Our Current Favourites on Instagram

    When it comes to Instagram, we are constantly amazed with the continuous inspiration, imagination and thoughtfulness put forth in photos. After much thought, we were able to narrow down a list of our current favourites. Do you have a favourite Instagram user you can’t seem to get enough of?


    He hides his dog in every photo just like where’s Waldo.


    His #emojitones are great, but the #livingemojis are a whole new level of awesome. 


    Instagram is great at sharing the best of the best on Instagram. Every Monday they share some of their favourite Weekend Hashtag Project. I find myself searching the accounts they suggest and always finding someone I would never have found without their help!


    When I am in Vancouver feeling the travel bug itch needing a scratch, a flick through her Instagram adds to the list of the many places I need to see around the world. Her short captions are the perfect history lesson for any attention span. 


    This handle posts beautiful photography of the most random things and is always a pleasure to find in my feed… especially when I need me a good dose of random. 


    Clever and innovative use of Instagram iconography — puts a smile on my face every post.


    We’d like to introduce you to our neighbourhood. We’re located at the corner of Facebook & Twitter, just down the street from Instagram & Tumblr. Come visit!

    #movillage Wrap-up

    As the month of #Movember comes to a close, we’ve put our money where our mo is with our #movillage initiative. We gave our community the opportunity to participate in the #Movember fun regardless of whether or not they were able to grow the most coveted November accessory.

    Throughout the month, Village&Co. snapped photos of the curious passersby and visitors who pressed the noses against our front window. For every #movillage photo taken and posted to our Pinterest board, we donated $5 to the Movember Foundation. Thanks to everyone who took the time to stop and peer through our window to support this worthy cause.  

    So now that #Movember is done for the year, we bid farewell to all your Handlebars, Pencils and Fu Manchus. And to your upper lip, good luck out there with the cold. 

    Vita D Sunshine | #likesunshine

    Any Vancouverite knows all too well that the month of November is typically dark, dreary and rainy. Lucky for us, this created a unique opportunity to launch Vita D Sunshine’s vitamin D-enriched sunshine eggs. The goal? To deliver sunshine to Vancouver locals in need. 

    On November 2nd, otherwise known as Vitamin D Day, the custom sunshine food truck began its journey. Using the hashtag, #likesunshine, we listened and responded to Vancouver locals whose spirits had been dampened by the rain; delivering delicious sunshine breakfast burritos to them, their friends and their colleagues—right to their door. The truck was, quite literally, driven by social media. Over 3,400 sunshine breakfast burritos were freshly made and delivered.

    Hungry for sunshine?

    Tourism Calgary x Paul Hardy Tweet Dress

    It’s no secret that Calgary is a city on the rise and working with Tourism Calgary has been an exciting venture for us as it provides endless opportunity to mirror our strengths and get creative

    To celebrate this stylish city, we partnered Tourism Calgary and Paul Hardy together to launch this unprecedented initiative. The Tweet Dress is a one-of-a-kind design composed of tweets sent to Calgary’s Twitter answering the question, “What’s in style in Calgary?” using the hashtag #StyleYYC. This project was launched during Hardy’s milestone event on October 20, which was attended by some of the top names in the Canadian Fashion Industry. 

    As the operators of Calgary’s social media platforms, we will be engaging users by sending out different questions via Twitter highlighting unique aspects of what is in style in Calgary, from architecture and food, to the Mayor and their sports teams. Nothing is off limits when style is this abundant in a thriving city. Throughout it all, we will be sharing updates from Paul himself as he shows us everything that goes into creating this one of a kind piece. 

    Paul will be unveiling the Tweet Dress at Calgary’s biggest private shopping event, ‘Twas the Night at The Core on November 28 and we can’t wait to see the finished product! For a chance to have your tweet featured on the Tweet Dress, join us on Twitter and tell us what you think is in style in Calgary using #StyleYYC. 

    Office Snapshots

    We’re pleased as punch to have our space featured on Office Snapshots. It’s humbling to be included on a list with such beauties from Adobe to Zynga. Since moving into our Strathcona space in February, we’ve really felt at home in our new, eclectic neighbourhood. When designing our office, we took our inspiration from the stunning, elemental surroundings of Vancouver, but couldn’t have predicted the interest our chopped wood wall would create with our daily visitors. But when you’re a storefront in the Village, that’s part of the fun. Next time you’re in the area, pop by and say hello!

    Beaches To Tide You Over

    Beach culture is simply part of our daily lives in Vancouver - the Instagram tag #igersvancouver being great evidence of that. For this (last official summer) long weekend, we’ve put together a handy Foursquare list with local beaches and a few outdoor pools you can hit up. So get out there and Instagram your feet in the sand (because you know you will) - and when you tag your photos include #vancouverbeach to share with the community!

    Magscene on Main

    Businesses and cultural spaces along Main Street will come alive this weekend thanks to Magscene on Main. Beginning yesterday, local Vancouver arts and literary magazines are hosting three days of interactive events for people to drop in, meet the team behind the publication and learn more about Vancouver’s vibrant magscene.

    Today, we’re very excited to be sharing our space with COLOR magazine. Delving into the unique culture of skateboarding, this magazine is filled stunning photos, artwork and fantastic articles. If you’re interested in checking out this event, drop by Village&Co. at 231 Union Street tonight at 6:30. The guys from COLOR have named the event ‘Partying Matters’ – it’s tough to resist.

    Foursquare & AmEx

    Recently, Foursquare launched Promoted Updates for businesses, putting your venue at the top of related search results in the Explore Tab. Accompanying this update were Promoted Specials which focus heavily on engagement and converting users into potential consumers. While these two services sound similar, its Foursquare’s partnership with American Express that set Promoted Specials apart.

    Much like regular Foursquare Specials, promoted content from AmEx offers savings and discounts for users at a higher rate. If this promoted content proves to be as popular with top brands like Whole Foods and Old Navy, is a deeper partnership between Foursquare and American Express on the horizon? NFC payment systems have leapt forward since the launch of Google Wallet and many major credit card companies are on board. A payment partnership between Foursquare and companies like AmEx, Visa and Mastercard could create a true social shopping experience. A simple check-in could inform you of new products based on past purchases - maybe even tell you what sizes are available.

    It’s difficult to know if Foursquare has the appetite for this sort of expansion, but when you’re checking-in this weekend, think how great it would be if you could check-out with the same app.

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